27 August 2006

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My grandma's heart is healing (yay, grandma). Mine is overflowing.

This week's events came out of nowhere. It started out as just a trip to my hometown, but somehow grew into an experience containing every kind of openings and closures and peeks and questions provoked. It was past fused with future, and I'm not just being artsy.

Teen dreams and preened appearances. The ache of self-doubt, the uncertaintly of comparison, and the triumph of momentary superiority. These things don't last for all of us, but it's easy to remember them when they had a strong hold. Don't give up, littler girls.

The importance of family, despite all their idiosyncracies...who will love you when you need love the most?

Memory: the wonder when it colours the mind, the pain of losing grip on time and space.

Love found, consolidated, promised, forbidden. Man, it can be romantic and heartbreaking.

I was in back in town this week, to see people I've gone way too long without seeing. Coffees, dinners, drinks, breakfasts, walks. I love to listen, and it feels good to go 'home'.

Went to the Goddess festival with Amy and Jennie, to see a generous handful of Canadian artists. Had an unbelievable stroke of luck and won a f'n amazing guitar. The festival promoter, sue, told me that she believed fate had handed me a pretty strong sign that I better be a musician. I don't take these things lightly, so you will find me in my room every day, getting baby steps closer to rock and roll. That's the plan folks, academics and music.

As a first step, one of my favourite friends is getting married in February and I get to sing at her wedding. I'm no competition for the pipes in Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, but I'll work on it.

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near casa loma

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at dev's swank new place on queen

Roz was nice enough to post for a wee photoshoot for me. Here are a few

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Jennie said...

You were made for that guitar- I'm already dreaming of you playing it:

Gillian Edworthy said...

wow - thats incredible that you won the guitar!! definitly a sign dal... when i come to visit in a few months (fingers crossed) i look forward to seeing/listening to how far you have come!

that last picture of roz is really cool - with the red - i really like it,

i'm so jealous of the picture of all of you together... (tear) but i'm really hoping i'll be able to arrange a visit this pre-christmas!

i leave in a week, and i'm pretty much feeling terrified, but more excited than ever! but now the race to pack and prepare is on!

miss you!

Anonymous said...

i adore estherooooo


dallas said...

Esthero was one of the sassiest performers I've ever seen. Favourite quotes include "Can I get less static and more fabulous coming from my monitor? Thanks sweetie" and "For those of you who don't know, I'm really a flaming queen trapped in a women's body."

she was a stellar performer...not to be missed if you ever get the chance

Chris Crighton said...


What a badass prize! Mike and I should have some stuff coming your way in a month or two.

good luck at school,


dallas said...

Send it away chris, I can't wait to hear it