21 August 2011

new blog!

I've moved! Please join me at my new location,

09 August 2011


Boston is a lovely city!

Last month, I went there alone, on my first solo business trip, and had a wonderful time. As I wrote while I was there, I walked and walked and walked, and ate. When packing for the trip, I realized that I don't actually own business pants (you know, pants that make a girl look like she means business,) so I nerdily went out and bought a pair and wore them two days in a row with even nerdier cardigans to make myself look "conferency." When I arrived, I was only one of five people wearing dress pants. But I digress.

I needed and loved the alone time this trip afforded me. At the end of each day of the conference, and during lunch breaks, I skipped out of my hotel and explored the city. I've gotten into the habit of consulting Design Sponge city guides before I visit any new place, and the Boston city guide did not steer me wrong. Although these guides direct visitors to design and decor districts, I find that beautiful shops and great restaurants are usually good neighbours. Using these guides, I can shop and eat in cool neighbourhoods with ease. My friend Sara, a local, was also a huge help, and I followed her "must do" instructions religiously.

So, Boston...

After the short flight from Montreal, I landed in the middle of a beautiful sunny day.

After checking into my hotel, I went out walking in the North End.

I stopped for dinner at Neptune Oyster and ate by myself at the bar. The food, atmosphere and service here were all incredible.

Then I walked to Faneuil Hall, upon Sara's suggestion.

The next morning, the sun was bright and the day was hot! I spent my lunch walking around Boston Common.

In Beacon Hill, I stopped in at Good and  20th Century Ltd. and bought some charms.

When I asked if I could take a photo of their store, the two gentlemen working there whisked me to the back of the shop and insisted that they take a photo of me, wearing this crown. They were the coolest!

In my very short time in Boston, I grew to really love the city. It's safe, walkable, and friendly, with great restaurants and shopping. I'd love to go back soon and explore the many other neighbourhoods I didn't have time to reach this time. Good thing it's only a short flight or a 5 hour drive from Montreal!

26 July 2011

our wedding | part I

I'm so happy to be able to share these photos, and a few moments from our wedding day, with you! All of the photos were taken by our wonderful photographers, Lisa Mark and her husband, Justin. They did such a wonderful job capturing our day and we couldn't be more thrilled with the photos. Thanks, Lisa and Justin!

The day started off with an early morning, getting ready with all the bridesmaids and my mom in our hotel rooms. I had originally planned to get just one dress, the one on the left, by Betsey Johnson. My mom and I found it one day when she was visiting me in Montreal. We were just browsing and stumbled upon it. I tried it on for fun, and quickly realized it was the dress.

A few months later, while shopping with my friend Jennie in our favourite vintage store, I found the dress on the right. It was my size, in mint condition, and a great price. It only took Jennie 10 minutes to talk me into purchasing it as a dancing dress. She later would talk me into buying my dream shoes, on the left. The sparkly Toms were a last-minute purchase I made upon realizing I'd probably need some proper dancing shoes.

After we all returned from the salon, we set to doing our makeup. I did my own because I just had to. Applying makeup before a big event is pretty much ritualistic to me, and doing so allowed me to do several trials by myself in order to get it just right. I learned so much about bridal makeup throughout the process, and I plan to do a tutorial for brides-to-be in the near future.

My veil was made by Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, a talented montreal artist. She hand sewed dozens of brightly coloured crystals onto the French netting that I'd purchased at Sussman's in Toronto.

Here's my mom, helping me get ready!

My beautiful bouquet was made by Allison Westlake of Coriander Girl.

I wore my great great great grandmother's necklace (my something old, borrowed and blue), which was made of filigreed gold, pearls and sapphires. The rose gold watch matches my rings and was my wedding gift from Brian.

Can you see the nervousness in my eyes here? Or was it a Kit Kat craving? Thank god my mom was there to tell me to relax!

Meanwhile, Brian was waiting for me to arrive at the Berkeley Church, our wedding venue.  We opted to do a first look, where we would see each other before the ceremony. This was the best decision. Ever. Seeing each other before everything happened grounded us and also gave us a few precious moments alone in the midst of a crazy day. It also allows time for more photography, which was obviously important to us! I would recommend this to everyone!

Okay, now it's time for the ceremony. My cousin Elise, our ring bearer, walked down the aisle en pointe!

Our friend Amy sang "'Til There was You" from The Music Man while we all walked down the aisle.

Our friend Mark sang "At Last" by Etta James during the ceremony.

Then Brian messed up his vows just a wee bit. But then he put on his game face.

We're married!

Brian's parents (above); my parents (below)

How awesome does our wedding party look?

That's it for now! Stay tuned for photos from the reception.