01 September 2006

human skin is porous / the world flows through like the wind / the faster you run, the more things that you've done / so to run is to pull it all in

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I just seem to put my foot in the door and have a couple decent sleeps to recharge, before the time arrives to head out. I don't unpack suitcases, because it will just make me less organized. I'm glad to see alex will sympathize with me very shortly as well.

I'm off to Montreal tomorrow morning. Among the most important things i'm taking 'with' me (and I never thought I'd say this) is this blog. Although it's gone for periods without updates, and some updates have been less than thrilling, it has been a fairly consistent record of sorts for the last couple years. Those who know me well know that I am obsessive when it comes to journal-keeping, and so my actual private notebook/scrapbooks will be coming with me as well. But this...not only has this blog been with me to Tanzania, it has come with me on all my travels, and even waited paitiently through the hectic, neglected weeks/months of the school year. Its readership may not be vast, but my readers seem to be loyal, and that is something I appreciate. I look forward to coming back here throughout the times to come.

I promise to be candid and creative.

I don't know what shape this will take throughout the academic year. Hell, I don't even know how the academic year will shape up. My profs are ready for me to be on the road to PhD land, and I'm barely scraping together the courage for my masters. I am happy to stay put in one city for a while, but I know my travel addiction will come creeping back soon enough.

The weeks since I've returned from Europe have been just what I needed; I've spent time with family and friends...and slept in my own bed instead of shared hostel rooms. Hostelling is great, but on the nights where your room is filled with the bodily stenches of others, or you find someone else's half-smoked, moist joint under your clearly-unchanged linens, or the unairconditioned temperatures steadily rise, you are ready for some alone time.

Speaking of alone time, Brian is already moved into Montreal and is unpacking boxes as we speak. He's also been threatening to have the whole place covered in skull posters by the time I arrive. We shall see how the decor unravels itself.

So, my former roomies and I are all split up in different cities: Monteal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Washington, DC for the next bit. It's going to be tough being apart, but having girls in all area codes will make for more interesting stories of bilingualism, the trials of commuter courses, and global politics.

I've got so much material swimming in my head for a novel or two. I love being in Owen Sound. Not only is it good to be with my fam, but there is an endless source of character inspiration to be found simply by wandering the streets. E.g the lady with the single, 3 foot long, 6 inch wide dreadlock that looks like a racoon hanging down her back. My hairdresser today said this lady is 'legendary' around town. It's a sight to see, that's what it is.

I plugged my new guitar in for the first time today. I borrowed an amp from a 10-year-old and he made my day. It sounds incredible! Seriously, I may be lacking in any skill right now, but the second I plugged it in, I felt born to play the electric guitar.

Time to go and pack up my things.


ETC'd said...

i love this post: the post of an honest blogger

i think that your masters experience will be an amazing one just by virtue of who you are and the open heart and mind that you always have

keep updating. i'm excited to hear about your experiences in the bigger city.

much love

Erin said...

Brave girl to get your hair done in "The Sound". I have faith that you avoided the mullet, but even so, you'd probably make it stylish. Dammit, I need a haircut!

Take care, be well, and see you soon.


Grant Edmunds said...

hahaha fuk yes u sound wkd hahaha

luv grant

j'tan said...

What a wicked limerick... is it yours?

I envy your candid blogging (with which I spent a lovely Sunday evening catching up!) -- there are things, and very colourful things I have to say about Sheridan. It's just these damn kids and their resourcefulness. Half of them have found my blog, and as much as I want to write about this one girl who epitomizes everything that is wrong with musical theatre (shallowness, egocentricity, cheapo attention-seeking, flaming arrogance, whorebagishness, etc.), I can't. I never thought I'd miss academia so much.

Your photos from Europe are stunning, and I can't wait to hear you on that guitar! It's such a fitting win for you that I might even believe in fate.

Hope you're settling well in Montreal and Concordia. Any kind of O-Week there? Ours was HALF a day. *bangs head on wall*