09 August 2011


Boston is a lovely city!

Last month, I went there alone, on my first solo business trip, and had a wonderful time. As I wrote while I was there, I walked and walked and walked, and ate. When packing for the trip, I realized that I don't actually own business pants (you know, pants that make a girl look like she means business,) so I nerdily went out and bought a pair and wore them two days in a row with even nerdier cardigans to make myself look "conferency." When I arrived, I was only one of five people wearing dress pants. But I digress.

I needed and loved the alone time this trip afforded me. At the end of each day of the conference, and during lunch breaks, I skipped out of my hotel and explored the city. I've gotten into the habit of consulting Design Sponge city guides before I visit any new place, and the Boston city guide did not steer me wrong. Although these guides direct visitors to design and decor districts, I find that beautiful shops and great restaurants are usually good neighbours. Using these guides, I can shop and eat in cool neighbourhoods with ease. My friend Sara, a local, was also a huge help, and I followed her "must do" instructions religiously.

So, Boston...

After the short flight from Montreal, I landed in the middle of a beautiful sunny day.

After checking into my hotel, I went out walking in the North End.

I stopped for dinner at Neptune Oyster and ate by myself at the bar. The food, atmosphere and service here were all incredible.

Then I walked to Faneuil Hall, upon Sara's suggestion.

The next morning, the sun was bright and the day was hot! I spent my lunch walking around Boston Common.

In Beacon Hill, I stopped in at Good and  20th Century Ltd. and bought some charms.

When I asked if I could take a photo of their store, the two gentlemen working there whisked me to the back of the shop and insisted that they take a photo of me, wearing this crown. They were the coolest!

In my very short time in Boston, I grew to really love the city. It's safe, walkable, and friendly, with great restaurants and shopping. I'd love to go back soon and explore the many other neighbourhoods I didn't have time to reach this time. Good thing it's only a short flight or a 5 hour drive from Montreal!


Idol Lash said...

It looks like it was a great trip. Love the pictures!

Damp Away said...

it seems you really had great time.. too good pictures and really awesome place

Damp Away said...

it seems you really had great time.. too good pictures and really awesome place