25 February 2005

small towns

I can think of few friendlier places than a cramped bar on a Friday night in February in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Tonight I was at a place called The Rusty Gull with my parents for a cheesy kareoke competition aptly named Owen Sound Idol. Quite a few of my relatives braved the blizzard and stood in the hallway outside the bar to check out the evening's entertainment. Apparently, OS is starving for something new, as the venue was filled to capacity by 4 pm when the event didn't start til 9.

Nevertheless, the patrons who filled The Gull were rosy cheeked from a combination of joy and lots of singapore sling drink specials. While I was there for many, many hours, I made myself some new friends. John was 'born and raised in OS' and now works down at the Toyota dealership. He told me he knows just about everyone around town and assured me I'd have no trouble finding a summer job. [this may be my fate for l'ete 05 after all]. Kristin is actually from Port Elgin, along with Nadine. Both of them told me to stay out of their area when PumpkinFest comes to town, as "you've never seen worse drunks in your life!". Come to London, ladies, after last call at Jim Bob's.

Anyways, I ended up having just a grand ole time and was really pleased with how warm and talkative the locals were. Tonight's experience, (coupled with the house party invite I received from my waitress back at new year's) painted OS as friendly and intimate kind of town. This place might be growing on me.


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