05 July 2005

short and sweet

Our internet is STILL down, so I my postings will have to suck for a bit while I hurriedly type and post in this cramped internet cafe. I promise to send interesting stuff very soon.
some pics:
Here is my first Khanga
Image hosted by

This proverb translates to "I am satisfied"
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Traditional African meal of spincah, ugali and meat with sauce
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And this was living in my room!
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Soon I will give ya'll some more!


Gillian Edworthy said...

bahahaha - what was that insect??? oh man, thats so awesome and scary at the same time...
that is a BIG bug...
cheers dal - i miss yah!

dallas said...

I believe it is a cockroach...or a relative of one. Apparently you cant smush cockroaches here or their eggs will fly everywhere. Instead you have to spray it and trap it under a cup until it dies. horrible, I know. So far nothing has penetrated my trusty mosquito net though!

invitationinside said...

i really like the "khanga" its gorgeous...the bug..hilarious. it sounds like you are having an incredible time...its an eye opener/openner/oppener (frig i can't spell today...what is wrong with me) at least. (K)(L) hope everything is well...miss ya mel

b said...

the cockroach reminded me of life of pi. you should use it to catch fish, thats what I would have done. I hate those things though. Can you bring one back though...for a pet?

syl said...

oooof, that's a scary looking cockroach...i'm so bug-a-phobic. haha

i miss you daallllassss!!