31 May 2006

lilas illuminé

As usual, I`ve been trying to find the metting point between passivity and pushiness. Maybe I`ve found it (?)

I changed houses/host families last night. After two weeks of abysmal food, a damp basement room and a little bit of ennui, I asked to be relocated. It was awkward to explain to Carolle, my `host mom,`` but it`s for the best. I`m still invited to her daughter`s baby shower on the weekend, she told me.

Now I`m living in a new place where the host `parents` are younger than me! There`s another student there as well, and we live in our respective barbie and little boy decor`d rooms. I like it a lot better.

Last night I visited a great place called ìci le café for steamed milk drinks, a little studying, and a bit of a steeping in a pseudo academic environment. That`s what`s been missing around here!

This week is pretty laid back (something I can and yet cannot get used to). I`m in the process of making a flamingo ensemble for the soirée costumé this Friday. Dollarama comes in handy for a lot of things when you`re in a elementary school/camp atmosphere. It`s hard to think about doing a masters now. Ah well, that`s not something to worry about yet.

Also, I may have to end the program early after all (given the expense of driving back for 3 days). So Roz, if you`re still on for the weekend of June 17th, come on up to Owen sound. Anyone else is welcome as well! We can go to the grotto, and kayaking, and all things outdoors. Plus a visit to the notorious Harb if the mood strikes.

Adieu for now


Mandy said...

woman! Thanks for leaving a comment! And yes, blood on pillows it good. Damnit. I actually watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and it was so bad. Well you sound like your enjoyin yourself over there and I'm glad, but write me an e-mail about visiting you the weekend after the 17th cause thats better for me. Let me know k? Peace out woman.

Burns said...

its a date!

Thomas said...

Don't worry about the changing host families thing, a lot of people did that during my program too. Glad to see you are having so much fun there and getting to see the amazing places around there. I am living in Grande-Vallée next year, which is in la Gaspésie region.

j'tan said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Dal! I've just settled back in at home and had the chance to back-blog through friends' pages. Some of your surroundings are stunning, and you sound like you're enjoying yourself :) I hope we have the chance to see you again soon. Too much has changed too quickly, and I find myself a bit lost. I admire your ability to adapt quickly and enjoy change.

Happy (very) belated birthday, and please give Brian my best also.


invitationinside said...

hey dallas!:) im glad you are happier now in your new location and i love baby showers:) see u at grad:)...i have a new blog!