10 May 2006

time for francais

I really like this city.

When i've come to Montreal before, the city has been beautiful, yes, but either freezing beyond belief, or just defrosting in April. Now, in mid-May, it is a whole new world. The streets are bustling with people, and multilingual people mill all around in animated conversation. The air is scented with top notes of lilac and more subtle tones of pastries, perfumes and cigarette smoke. Every district, from plateau, downtown, the gay village, old montreal etc are all filled with unique and surprising charms of their own.

We've been biking through the streets (although I'm vervous around these crazy Quebecois drivers, let me tell you), eating $2.99 pasta at the Peel Pub and searcing for a place to live next year. The 3 places we saw last night were not too pretty. One was a moldy basement, one a stripper's hideaway next to her place of work, and a smelly vampire castle with tiny staircases. It was discouraging.

Today was much more successful, and there are some really promising places. I've got my fingers crossed for one in particular.

Also, I'm sure happy that I'll soon be doing the French immersion program shortly, because my Franglais hybrid style of struggling to speak french is embarassing at best. yikes.

I'm already missing friends from home, and I hope everyone is doing well in Burlington, Owen Sound, London and respective cities. I'll keep you all up-to-date on my adventures in Frenchland. 'Til then

au revoir


invitationinside said...

oooh sounds awesome:) i wish i was in a cool city rather than in shitty ol beamsville. the log cabin walls are moving in on me.

i had a dream about you last night you were in lived down the street and gill was at your house and then i came over and left and you decided u didn't want to go to montreal anymore...ahahaha...clearly cuz you loved beamsville more. i woke up and was like what the heck! clearly this was a so happy you are having a great time take lots of pics. miss ya*muah

ETC'd said...

don't get down on apartment hunting just yet...

my advice to you is be very picky... although often it may seem like that is not an option, it must be. realistically, rent is going to be very expensive and you deserve the best for your money.

OH! ... and don't be disappointed if you don't get the place you hope for- chances are a better one will come along (one always does)

i'm excited to see what you find!

Erin said...

Glad to hear you're doing well, Dallas! Montreal is beautiful in the summer, and lovely in the fall as well. I could never survive the winter though, so better you than me. Everyone in Burly is doing pretty well despite various ups and downs. Busy times but it's all good.

Best of luck on the apartment search, and hi to your Brian as well.

Take care!!!

dallas said...

thanks for the tips, anni. I have learned to be picky after my hell house on broughdale. I have a keen eye for signs of critters, leaks, bad water pressure, and sketchy locations. I want something nice, new-ish and bright. I still plan to come visit your sur-starbucks palace, and I hope all is well there :)

Burns said...

Fingers crossed!

I miss you Dallas.

Thomas said...

Montreal has such a chill scene in the summer, its great. Jonquiere will be even more chill too!

syl said...

i would totally live in the vampire castle! hahaha
jokes, dont worry i'm sure you will find your hidden gem!!!!

good luck!
xox miss you