11 August 2006

the road home

Well I spent a good amount of time writing all about our last week here (Nice and surrounding region, Interlaken, and now London), but some freakish technoaccident erased the whole thing, and now I will have to keep it short, cause it's no fun repeating yourself, let alone in a hostel lobby computer lounge.

I will post stories when I start to post my pics (which will be soon). As long as I'm on the subject, click on my first 'jonathan' link if you have a second. [[My friend, your pictures are ambrosia for the eyes]].

Here's a very brief summary of the last stops on our trip:

- the artisan-est place I've ever been. They have artisan cheese, wine, candy (including chocolate-covered olives, liquers, breads, dishes, wine and olive oil bars, and even artisan ice cream. For example, Brian had beer flavour and I tried pink pepper and violet. Where else can you find that stuff?
- Rock beaches, and turquoise water of the french riviera
- A mountaintop medieval village
- touring a perfume factory

- mountain climbing into the clouds (too cloudy to see the damn view down below though)
- mint green rivers and fresh mountain water to drink
- watching brian fall in the water
- realizing Switzerland is the most expensive place in the world

- shopping in Portobello and Camden markets
- wandering with the crowds all across town
- foregoing fish and chips for Thai food
- seeing 'The Producers'

And, being totally creeped out by the 'incident' at Heathrow yesterday...especially since we flew into Heathrow yesterday. Let's just all be grateful that no one was hurt. But MAN, what the hell is going on?

Anyways, not to end the trip postings on that note. It's been a grand adventure, and I'll see you soon.


Burns said...

I cant wait to see you on friday! ( yeah yeah, free car rental!! )

I hope you and Brian had and amazing trip, you better be bursting at the seams with stories, cause Im dyin' to hear them. Especially the ones about Scotland ;0)

Here'e to safe journey home, cheers.

j'tan said...

You wonderful woman! It was you and Dave that first inspired me to explore photography, and your opinion means more to me than you know. I'm so glad you like them!! :D

I JUST caught up with your travels, and about the post before this in particular, let me just say that the next best thing to actually being there is reading about it through your narration. I even started looking things up on Wikipedia, I was so intrigued! (Did you know Ponte Vecchio is the alleged birthplace of the term "bankrupt" because they used to "bancorotto" -- break the tables -- of the failed vendors? I'm a nerd, it's official! I'm also checking out this Feist character...)

Safe journey home. The world's gone mad, and I think it's not so unrelated to the attitudes you encountered at the pub.