20 September 2006

what's that you say, old chap?

This past weekend was a nice respite from what has been a pretty serious last week or so.

I'll begin with the obvious, although I don't want to linger. Dawson College and the horrific, very sad shooting. I walked outside at about 1pm and could not figure out why all the streets were blocked off, or why dozen of police cruisers were speeding past me. After eavesdropping in on several peoples' cell phone conversations outside Concordia's downtown campus, I had heard the basics of the grave news. 3 blocks away, Mr. Gill had done something terrible.

I can understand why many people are interested in his online journal; it's fascinating to have a rare peek into the mind of a killer. But I don't want to give any of my time to his warped legacy.

On Sunday we went for a walk, and I paid my respects to Anastasia Desousa, and my fingers are crossed for the others in critical condition. My thoughts are with the families.


Grad school itself can be pretty "serious" as well. I mean, in most cases taking oneself seriously is a prerequisite to "be" a grad student, or so it can seem at times. Although there are lots of scarf-wearers to be seen, no posh/pretentious intellectual has started a cigar-smoking, cognac sipping club or anything...yet. Actually, a lot of people in my program are very laid back, socially conscious, and just plain friendly.

No one has organized any social functions since the first 5 a 7 (the one where the lethal combo of a large coffee and bottomless sangria left me talking faster and more than ever before, and actually causing one shy PhD student to back away slowly). So, it looks like Brian and I will be taking the reigns socially speaking. One guy drove us home from class today, after I broke my shoe and was walking with a bare foot, and a lot of others have expressed enthusiasm for going out. By no means is it like Western, or like home, where close proximity of homes allows you to just pop over for visits.

But it is Montreal, and this city is made for fun.

We had a really good time with our weekend visitors. Luckily, they made it out here while the weather was still warm, and the streets were packed with super fashonistas. I am dreading the winter. Jordan stole the show with his airbrushed orca cast (see above), which earned him the nickname "Mr. Roboto" from many randoms. Talk about making lemonade with lemons!

I have discovered a great Korean grocery store around the corner. I may buy everything there when my scholarship bling finally comes through. They have pickled plums and little fruit sculptures made of red bean paste. One of these days I'm going to have to start a side project cooking blog. Seriously, it's a life-long obession that is only going to get more intense now that I have international grocery stores at my fingertips.

Time to feed my LOST obsession while drinking lipton's apricot-flavoured white tea. It's really lovely.


alex said...

DALLAS! i love lost, and i love you! i'm glad you are having a good (albeit different) time, we all know that nothing can replace western.. sigh.

what happened to jordan's arm? that's a pretty intense cast mr. roboto.

take care, miss you!
xoxo alex

anne and colin said...

Red bean paste...let me tell you that is very authentic Korean food!! And it is so good! I never thought I would say that, but I truly love it. Oh how taste buds change! glad you are having a great time in Montreal!
take care,