09 November 2006

electronic chords and floating orbs

Imogen Heap played at Metropolis, here in town last night. First and foremost in my mind, the mystery behind the creepy cyborgian sound of her voice in hide and seek was solved. She sang in unison with her key-tar (see left) with an organ effect, and also had a voice effect on top of it. Very cool, and somehow less scary now. Surrounded by a space station like console of musical gadgets and toys, and a clear plastic grand piano which held her keyboard (and was lit up by fibre optics of alternating colours), the lady showcased her unique and addictive performance style. Overflowing with talent, lacking in any pretentiousness, she was a star and a hostess with English sensibility and graciousness.

I am fully aware of music journalism's fixation on the appearance of female musicians, but she seems to have a lot of fun with her image, and her aesthetics are part of her, clothed in a dark rose taffeta corset and ball skirt, fastened with lime green laces, and a pale pink faux fur stole, she looked like a lady of the court. Her giant updo/fauxhawk (complete with pink feathers) also added a bit of punk sensibility to her onstage attire. Fun!

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And, what a multi-tasker that woman is. She manipulated countless loops, effects, played keys, and sang with her loopy, scratchy, ethereal voice on top of it all. Any flub that came up during this tour kick-off, was passed off with a laugh or some quick British humour. She was laid back, even grinning when one of her supporting musicians forgot to come onstage for a song, and crept in sheepishly half-way through the number. All this transpired under 4 illuminated orbs that played videos of her doing 90s dance moves. Posh and talented, she put on a great show, and I can't wait to see her again.

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Also, any artist who has flamingos in her promo merch has my stamp of approval.


Mandy said...

So basically you owe me an apology, little miss "these songs are weird." Thats right, you know now that i am good at picking out talent that gain fame. Hide and Seek is an awsome song and it makes me cry. Hope you're doing well and I miss you! Take care woman!

dallas said...

You were right, evans. I should have never doubted your tear-jerker song hunting skills.

Erin said...

your new hair is super cute and i also love the frou frou

take care!!