28 November 2006

greener grass

I am aching for all that I'm not doing. It's a weird restlessness that stirs my stomach, even when I think I'm calm.

The work seems neverending, and I just want to go outside.

I want some pocket money to buy nice clothes, or at least to do a value village shopping spree and feel rich. Right now my closet it full of out-dated bar shirts that somehow don't seem right for night classes in a cold building.

I want a whole bottle of wine.

I want to be as good a writer as my theory prof. He read a chapter of his book for us, and it's phenomenal. Did I mention he reminds me a lot of House? Except he's not mean, or a pill-popper. He wears hiking boots and cropped, plaid, dickies jackets.

I want a pet. Maybe a baby chameleon.

The end is almost, almost in sight.

Until then...


Chad Nevett said...

Hey Dallas--

In case you're interested, me and my fellow creative writing masters students are going to be reading our stuff on CJAM (campus radio) tomorrow night (Thursday November 30) at 8 pm. You can check out a live streaming or download it later on mp3 at

My story is called "Killing Paul McCartney is Not Funny" and it got a pretty good reaction at the reading we did last night at a campus bar.

Never did send you any links for stuff I had in the Lance here--but that's because their website hasn't been updated since before I began writing for them, which sucks.

Anyway, check it out if you can. No worries if you can't, though.


dallas said...

thanks for the info, chad. I will definitely check it out and let you know what I think :)

Paige said...

Baby Chameleon?
Hi, welcome to cutest possible pet suggestion ever! (please get one)

dallas said...

They are the cutest animals I know of. My friend Roz has one named Marley and he lives in a tree in her living room half the time. He keeps getting lost though, because he changes new colours and blends in with dish towels and stuff.

But yeah, I saw some babies at the mall a while ago. They're very social animals, and they like to be close to humans (or our body heat, I guess), so you can get little necklace pouches to carry them around in.

As soon as the budget allows...

b said...

im sure it will go well with some bbq sauce and mushrooms.


dallas said...

I'm never cooking you anything ever again!