03 November 2006

petit portrait d'une ville

Sittin' here sipping on orange blossom tea. Thinking about big cities and anonymity. New music is up my sleeves. Hoping my past won't forget about me.

I've thought a lot lately about what I would do were I invisible, and my intentions would have nothing to do with Clay Aiken and his creepy lyrics. I would take a vow of silence for a year, and do a round-the-world trip with my invisible backpack. By not speaking, or being seen, I feel like I would be in a good position to try to understand what is going on in places with politics I cannot currrently wrap my head around. In my language-transcending silence, I could maybe learn a thing or two. But then I guess people would need to know where my insights came from. Damn.

Long distance feels longer when I'm out of long distance phone cards. But we're all spread out, and spreading out, aren't we? Christmas seems like the space of time that everything will come together, when we come home.

There's a hint of frost on the tips of the air that tingle my nose. The smell of coffee is diffusing profusely from the 5 coffee shops near the bus stop. Wood-fired bagels are carried past me in bags, and I turn my head to stare after them longingly.

Books, books, and more, and research galore. My head hurts and the end of class, and it never has before. Before this year, anyways. My one prof has an endearing habit of messing up his hair as he lectures. By the end of class it sticks out, all static-charged, in a million directions. My other prof lost his voice and told us he is suffering from a bad cold. I suggested he try lemon and honey. He said he might prefer whiskey. We have a bit of a piece of work in my third class. His intentions are good, but I've heard the phrase "white supremacy" used inapproprately more times than I've cared to in the past 2 months. At least he spices things up.

Speaking of spice, I'm going to a "Spices of Life" lecture next week, on food cultures and food prejudices. Who knew these kinds of things were out there? I'm also missing Clinton's visit next Weds due to class. I was going to be a door person at this Millenium Promise event, but alas, academia takes precedence.

Got tix for Imogen Heap on Tuesday. And to think her voice frightened the hell out of me when Mandy first introduced me to her stuff.Also, I found a new place for cocktails. Sir Winston Churchill makes amazing Amaretto sours, and they only cost $2.50. Brian had a scotch and soda for the same price, though this "man drink" was just about the worst thing I've ever tasted.

A novel city takes on an ordinary vibe, once the tourist period is over. That moment, however, is when the nooks and crannies start to appear. And how you find Taiwanese iced mint green bubble tea on the cheap. It's also when youstart to notice how cute little kids look with huge umbrellas, how the man with the cane and the leather pants always dodges around other pedestrians with cat-like reflexes, how the guy who sings on the street near Parasuco and the Paris Cafe has a pretty decent voice, how hot the air in the metro is, how pigeons puff up their feathers and actually look adorable when it's cold out, how some pockets of the city are oasises of silence amidst the mess, how hot chocolate with whipped creamis the best thing to come home to, and how living alone would not be half as fun as living with a bossy but supremely generous and cute person.

I spray painted my gold She-ra boots white! How's that for a budget wardrobe piece?


b said...

if by bossy you mean asking you to pick up the bag of broken glass shards you left on the floor in which i almost stepped on, then yes, bossy i am.


you're never getting hot chocolate again.

b said...

that was a joke, ps. hope your day at work has been good!

Anonymous said...

that red fire hydrant looks amazing amid all the leaves [but then i'm a sucker for leafy pictures to begin with].

and mmmm bubble tea. i've never tried mint!


dallas said...

thanks! the streets are still covered in leaves on my block, and they look really cool...until they start to decompose next week, or it snows. whichever first :(

Erin said...

lovely post as usual, dallas...i love montreal and on some level, will live vicariously through you. it must be an amazing place to live. luckily, i do love toronto as well. take care and enjoy your week.

Leslie said...

I love how you are able to soften the edges of your photos on this new blog. Great shots as usual by the way.

dallas said...

Thanks! The soft edges are with a photoshop soft edge eraser tool, not the blog. I can show you how to do it if you want