25 March 2007

goodness gracious

You know you've arrived at a crazy party when:

1) Your friends start getting tackled by random girls in metallic underwear

2) Beds and couches are sprinkled with rose petals

3) There is a wall covered in pylons that are filled with candy

4) You spend half the night handing out slices of gourmet cheeses to other guests

5) The walls are plastered in risque photos

6) Your boyfriend ends up in a torn, wine-stained undershirt

7) The host tells you he found grafitti written with butter on his bathroom walls

8) You narrowly missed a whipped cream fight

9) The shooter boy is wearing fishnet thigh-highs

10) The party's theme is "nearly nude"


Jess said...

Best party I've been to in years, despite the tackling!

Jenn said...

Sounds like my kind of party. Glad to see you're having fun Dal! I am currently going through the simultaneous apathy/anxiety you were telling me about, this time last year.
p.s. I'm still a faithful reader