15 April 2007

checks and balances

Welcome to springtime in Canada, folks, where the weather makes people act like fools. Earlier this week we had a blizzard, and last night was warm enough to wear a skirt.

Last night I took a break from my essay writing marathon to attend a Luau party. It was a much needed break. Everything was going well until a mix of lychee martinis and rum-marinated fruit made me really cocky about my gymnastic skills:

As you might be able to tell from the awkward facial expression, things did not end up as gracefully as I thought they would. In fact, I pulled my back out in the middle of a crowded room and had to do various yoga positions for 20 minutes in order to be able to stand up.

Am I an old lady, or has my sedentary lifestyle of typing on computers all day finally had an affect on my party skills? I should point out that this is not the first gymnastics/party related injury I've had. Last Christmas I did a high kick while wearing tights on a linoleum floor, and ended up with a bruised tailbone. In high school I did a one-arm cartwheel on asphalt and lost my balance while upside-down. You think a girl could take a hint, but I guess not.

Anyways, I feel like a dirtbag sitting here, eating chocolate in my pajamas at almost 3 in the afternoon when I have an essay to finish. I'll return when I'm finally finished.


Erin said...

A drunken mermaid/orgasm face is what I see here.

Looks like fun!

gillian said...

hahaha - that high kick was AMAZING!! probably one of my favorite memories of you... that and the weak ice tea throw that ended with broken glass all over the bed and floor... hahah, i love your gracefullness day!
good luck with the paper!!

jenn said...

I love you Dal. I almost sent you a red swede short jacket in the mail (in an unmarked package of course), but decided instead to give it to the women's shelter.

Dallas said...

You are hilarious, Jenn. I always love jackets (I'm wearing the denim one you gave me today) but I'm glad it went to a good cause!