09 April 2007

easter weekend

Grandma: So, what’s your paper about?
Me: It’s about the Bush administration’s abstinence-only sex education policies.
Grandma: Oh that’s funny, I didn’t know he had a policy.
Me: Oh he certainly does. As a matter of fact--
Grandma: You know I don’t think he’s as stupid as some people think. I think he seems like a nice man.
Mom: You like Bush?
Grandma: Well, yes!
Mom: (laughing) You would, mom. Now that everyone hates him, you decide you like him. You never did before.
Grandma: Well he’s good-looking. Mind you I don’t like his family set-up. You never see pictures of him out and about with his kids.
Mom: Are you kidding me?
Grandma: He’s such a friendly fellow.
Mom: You’re funny mom. You just like being contrary to the majority.
Grandma: Well someone’s got to like him.
Mom: Why? You have to deserve to be liked.
Grandma: Well, you better not ask me what I think of our leader.


Luis Nakajo said...

hello, dallas!
just loved this entry!
it´s the kind of thing which happens, seems so to be little, but tells us so much about human beings.

thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

No, Grandma, no! Haha. Set her straight Dallas! In a loving, grand-daughterly way.

Mark P said...

If your grandmother is willing to play Monica Lewinsky, we can take down the whole Bush administration once and for all! VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

Dallas said...