04 April 2007

wishing for wine in april

Today is my brother's birthday and he is 22. Happy Birthday! This means in a month or so, I will be getting on in years.

As you can tell, I am working hard on all my year-end assignments. Aren't you impressed? Here are some lovely things I have come across in my research (*cough* procrastination).

1) Staring at Twitter, a random yet strangely addictive site that lets you see what people across the world are doing every few seconds. I still don't know what the point is (besides gathering more procrastination ideas from a bunch of internet addicts), but I can't stop watching it.

2) Watching videos of Amy Winehouse--the incredible neo-motown singer/hard drinker--performing while under the influence.

3) Shaking my head in disbelief at purity ball paraphernalia. And on the subject of father-daughter purity balls, what I really want to know is where the mother-son purity balls are?

4) Thoroughly enjoying the bird and the bee's music. Especially the song "Fcking Boyfriend." They are opening for Lily Allen, so for those of you going to see her, enjoy!

Okay, back to work. See you when the rain subsides and more of my work is handed in.

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