27 May 2007

when cougars attack

Saturday night called for yet another theme party. With "Pirates!" out of the way, naturally "Cougars and Weekend Dads" was the next logical step in terms of themes. Inspired by the ladies and gentlemen of Montreal's Crescent St (and especially those patrons of Thursday's and the Hotel de la Montagne rooftop pool bar) I present to you the men and women of cougar night.

White Eyeshadow and Chain Belt cougar

Leopard Shirt/Peggy Bundy Hair/Red Lips Cougar

Leopard Tights Cougar

Weekend Dad

Fake Tan/Visible Lipliner/70s Cougar (photo by Jessica Antony)

Cougar Bait with Leopard Tights Cougar

The Cougars pose with an unsuspecting, passed-out cougar

What theme will we think of next? Stay tuned.

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