10 August 2007

city soup

The heat (the humid, humid heat) has mixed together with the eclectic collection of weirdos in my neighbourhood to form a thick and unappetizing soup.

Before I go into detail, I will add that I am still very much in love with Montreal, we've just seen too much of eachother lately. Brian and I have had guests for about 2 weeks straight, and every other weekend in July as well. I have loved playing tour guide, but how many times can you tell guests, "Oh don't worry about him/them/her, they're harmless" when one ranting crackhead or several yells in their faces or lies down on the sidewalk in front of them?

Also, as much as I love people watching on the streets, it is becoming kind of tiresome to weave in and out of wide open construction sites (which are littered with metal rods and other sharp objects), or stepping gingerly over used condoms, dog poo and other "refuse" that decorate the sidewalks.

As a people watcher, I feel I am very tuned in to other people as I walk through the city. Judging by peoples' facial expressions and body language over the past few weeks, I think it is safe to say that most people are thinking "I don't give a hot damn who you are, so I will not share this sidewalk with you. Get out of my way; I'm going home for dinner and booze."

I am quickly losing patience with the stickiness and pushiness of the city soup I am steaming in. I don't want to become one of the people who push others of the sidewalk or the lecherous men who openly ogle women and girls passing by. I want to be the rare stranger whose belly laugh is infectiously joyful, or the kid who laughs gleefully at pigeons. I want to enjoy the summer and wipe the defensive frown off my face.

Oh, but it is so damn hot and humid! I'm here for 5 more days, then it is back to Ontario for the rest of the month.


Mark P said...

Yes, because it's not sticky and humid at all here in Ontario. Wait....

Dallas said...

Ha Ha yeah you have a point. I guess I should have specified that I am dreaming of swimming at Sauble Beach.