19 September 2007

another goodbye

I walked away from the bus station, and left her in line for the airport bus. She's on her way to London now--the London, not the Ontario version where we first met and subsequently lived together for 4 years.

After sharing rooms and houses with a person for that long, having her stay in my apartment was just like moving back in together. We have become such efficient friends--talking, cooking, walking, shopping, drinking at blinding speeds--all habits we developed well between our class schedules and extra-curricular activities at Western. During her visit it really struck me how easy it is to feel at home with someone with whom you have made a home in the past.

Unfortunately, I have also become all too used to saying goodbye to her every holiday break, and a big scary goodbye as we moved out of our last house.

This isn't her first trip alone. In fact, since we graduated she has lived in 4 different countries, and backpacked through many more. My adventurer friend, and a lady after my own heart. She is going to start her masters at King's College. It may not be long before her and I are swapping complaints about endless hours of reading, and mocking our more pompous colleagues together, albeit over the internet.

Best of luck, Gill. I may not see you in person for a while, but we will do our best with what technology has to offer us.

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gillian said...

dal... what can i say, i love yah!

it was so nice to be able to visit you in montreal and see youre life out there! i have some wicked pictures i will post soon... internet has been few and far between lately,

I register tomorrow and start class monday! ahh! haha, my room is really small, but nice none the less! and my floor has several international students who are all awesome!

I miss you tones already! and thank you again for showing me the best of montreal - i had a wonderful time!!
until we meet again in person... love yah and best of luck!! PE 284 forever :)