31 October 2007

C'est L'Halloween

Amazingly warm weather this spooky holiday. I got about 3 days of wear out of my creepy Medusa costume over the weekend, so tonight I am staying in and watching "scary" tv shows, which for me = Ghost Whisperer or Medium. Although such programs are usually enjoyed by moms only, they are about as scary as I am willing to go. Sounds like a perfect Halloween night for me!

The only unfortunate thing about this holiday is that living in an apartment building has meant no trick-or-treaters for the last 2 years. I kind of wanted to walk around to look at kids' costumes in my neighbourhood, but several people suggested to me that might be creepy. What's wrong with costume scoping? I'm too old to trick or treat and too young to have kids to trick or treat, so I don't see anything wrong with being interested in what young folks are wearing these days.

I have loved halloween costumes since I was a toddler. Around the ages of 3-5 was known to get into my mom's makeup and draw abstract lines all over my face. The results weren't pretty, but they were practice for my later obsession with makeup. I proudly wore my mom's glue-gunned costume creations all through elementary school, and come high school I even glue-gunned my own sequiney, flesh-toned Britney Spears costume (which was layered under a pinstriped suit and surprisingly applauded by my middle-aged home-ec teacher) for a school dance. Skill I had, but shame I didn't, apparently.

To this day I take great joy in Halloween and I'm not planning to give up the pleasures of dressing up any time...ever.

Some photos from this week's photo walks:
bright afternoon sun over McGill

Lunch line at a Polish bazaar. So many angry grannies yelling in Polish.

Delicious Polish style crepes


Jenn said...

I'm currently staying at my sister's house in Toronto and had the pleasure of handing out all the candy to a neighborhood swarmed with children. I can share some of the highlights so you won't be completely in the dark about "what kids are wearing these days." My top 5 costumes were puss n' boots (from Shrek), a little boy dressed as a chick (as in baby chicken), a cow with an over sized bell around the neck, Paris Hilton in stilettos!!! (and she was definitely under 10) and finally a small curly haired boy dressed as Ellen DeGeneres. There you go Dal. Also, you'll be pleased to know that I even dressed my 5 month old neice in a tiger costumer. She puked on it, then fell asleep. A good time was had by all.

Erin said...

I remember you randomly appearing as Britney Spears and bursting into dance at a school function...I also vaguely remember there being some Backstreet Boy impersonators that same night...ohhhhhh high school!

It WAS an impressive costume...I think I went to that dance as an angel because I was still young enough to shamelessly enjoy coating myself in silver glitter. That hasn't happened in a while.

Dallas said...

It's funny how both babies and adults often end up puking on their costumes, though for different reasons. thanks for the update, Jenn.

Erin, you are never too old for silver glitter. Bust it out again next year!