11 November 2007

me and my metro pass

I finally got my act together and shelled out the 35 bucks it costs for a Montreal Metro youth pass. Yes, under the laws of this city, I am still a youth, and am thus in a position to qualify for such an incredible deal. I honestly can't think why I waited so long to take advantage of the wonders of the metro pass; having one has opened up countless new horizons to me.

Today, for example, I began my photo excursion in China Town, moved into Old Montreal and the Old Port, then hopped back on the metro and went to the Jean Talon market for lunch. After grabbing some food, I grabbed the metro again, and made my way back downtown. Amazing, and eco friendly. Photos from today:


Leslie said...

awesome shots darlin'

Jess said...

Wow, I miss Montreal!

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend a good camera to buy? I am looking to getting into photography.

Dallas said...

I am a loyal Canon user. They make fantastic cameras, and they also have the best customer service policies, which is very important. My camera was acting up last year, and Canon fixed it for me free of charge.

Depending on your price range, I would recommend about 3 different models. The high-end model (not their fanciest, but pretty amazing) is the Rebel XTi. It is an incredible camera, and the one I am saving up for now. It retails at around $1000 bucks all in all.

In terms of point and shoots, Canon is coming out with some amazing new cameras.

The Canon PS SD950 is about $500, and has 12.1 megapixels.

Or, an updated version of the camera I use is the Canon Powershot A570IS. At 7.1 megapixels and only around $200, this would be an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a great starting camera.

That being said, my brother has a panasonic and swears by it.

Good luck!