11 December 2007

pre-holiday wrap-up

My essay is complete, my bags are (half-way) packed, and I'm prepping for an interview with the government. As such, the combination of elation and nerves is driving me to eat a hell of a lot of chocolate. Better that than booze, I guess.

Last night some friends and I celebrated the end of term at a relic of Montreal's past: Jardin Tiki. A 50s style resto/tiki bar that serves up a Chinese buffet and drinks in whole pineapples, this place was equally creepy and charming. We dined on bacon-wrapped hot dogs and deep fried coconut rice balls, while trying not to melt into our seats to the tune of a bad, bad Hawaiian-style Christmas soundtrack. This place also had an animal theme: our waitress had the hair of a cockatiel, and we heard rumours that the 3 pond turtles survive only on scraps from the buffet. Poor little guys. Quite the classy place, I tell ya. Still, I would recommend it to those who want to live on the edge.

My posting may be a bit sporadic over the next week, as I will be couch-surfing at my lovely friends' houses in various Ontario cities, and then home to the country for Christmas--sort of. I wish you all best of luck with exams, essays, work holiday parties and all that jazz. I will soon be back!

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