16 January 2008

january is full of surprises

Today was the end of my two weeks of easy livin' (read: eating a lot of pierogies, watching a season of Flight of the Conchords, sleeping in very late). Since returning to the city, I have accomplished very little of what I'm supposed to be doing. I have, however, been having a damn good time. I'm planning for this year to be full of surprises, and part of that includes surprising myself, and trying new things.

Okay, so maybe drinking a fair amount of Absinthe over the weekend wasn't that much of a surprise, nor was quitting drinking afterwards.

But, I've started spinning classes and ballet, both of which are surprisingly hard.

I surprised myself by enjoying a spontaneous, candlelit tarot card reading with Jess and a psychic named Duncan yesterday.

I was also surprised that I consented to let a new stylist cut inches off my already short hair (it is now much shorter than in the above pics). Having done my own hair for years, I was also shocked by the unfathomably high price it costs to have professionally coiffed hair here in Montreal. Yep, that was a bit of a kicker.

Most of all, I am shocked by how quickly time is passing.

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Erin said...

looooove flight of the conchords. a bit obsessed with it, actually.

i need time to slow down, too.