13 February 2008

forced hibernation

As the snow continues to fall on this city, I find myself once again sitting at my desk beside the window, staring out into the bleak, midday light.

Winter has hit Montreal hard this year. We have had non-stop snow and ice and sleet for weeks straight. Brian and I have called our neighbourhood "the ice planet" due to the way ice has crusted over the streets and sidewalks, giving the appearance of an icy, cratery moon surface.

People visiting from other Canadian cities are actually appalled at how poorly Montreal does at snow and ice removal. I have wiped out countless times, despite wearing boots that could brave the arctic.

Visits with friends suffer from short good-byes, as we all scurry off to our respective warm abodes. This past weekend we drove back from Vermont over a highway of ice, and held our breath as we drove past over a dozen ditched and overturned vehicles.

Winter is here in full force, and I am forced into hibernation, hunching over my laptop like a neaderthal over the fire in a cave.

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Paige said...

Toronto is one big complaint about snow, snow removal, snow banks and snowy roads right now.

You'd be interested to know that most ex-Montrealers are all "This would NEVER happen in Montreal. They get things cleaned up and removed right away. Toronto is terrible."

(That is, when they're not complaining that we're complaining too much...)