08 April 2008

DIY dollar saving

The combination of boredom and a dwindling budget has led me to take up my old habit of vintage shopping and diy fashion with gusto. Luckily, I've been pretty successful. After two shopping sessions last week, and for about 30 bucks, I found a good start to my spring wardrobe, including: a very high-waisted red wool skirt (see above); a fuschia eyelet cotton skirt; a magenta 50s-style party dress with removable straps; a vintage Parisian couture taffeta corset (which looks gorgeous but constricts my breathing like hell); a beautiful piece of gold costume jewellery; an antique ceramic brooch, and a so-hideous-I-couldn't-resist tote bag (see below) that's perfect for lugging books back and forth from the library.

My penny pinching has also brought out my creative side. I've also started making simple beading necklaces to spice up my going-out wardrobe. Here are some of the pieces I've been working on:

The first one is a gift for my mom, who will be visiting this weekend. I salvaged an old turquoise necklace of hers, updating it with some silver and a more modern clasp. Sorry for ruining the surprise if you read this, mom.

In addition to saving money, it's all about the thrill the treasure hunt. I love browsing through the dress section with friends at Village des Valeurs (Quebec's Value Village), searching for the hottest or ugliest dress to hold up. I love laughing at the improbable things found at the Salvation Army (such as used hair pieces). I love knowing everything I find will pretty much be one-of-a-kind. I love that I paid actual vintage prices instead of marked-up, faux vintage, Urban Outfitter prices. I love thinking about what kind of necklace I will make to match my outfit that night, while sweating my ass off in friday morning spinning class.

Basically, I love anything that distracts me from my school work.


Jess said...

That bag rules. For real. And I'm serious about my bags, Dallas. Very serious. And I think you've got a winner right there!

Three cheers for finding great and/or weird shit at second hand stores. (But I would really like to know who buys second hand undies? Dear god why? Maybe I don't wanna know.)

Dallas said...

I read your post about the blue bag you recently purchased. I want to see a photo of its glory. p.s. ann told me lulu has free yoga classes. You should take them up on that since you shelled out $ for their stuff.