04 May 2008

below the surface

Writing, over the last few months, has felt a lot like swimming. I am using all of my energy to make it through the water, only taking the occasional breath. The last few days of every chapter has felt like diving to the bottom of a deep pool, swimming to the top, taking a huge breath, and diving under again.

While I've been writing (and finishing another chapter!), so much other stuff has been happening too. I need some time to actually talk to people about things, before posting on here. Especially since lately, I have become more careful about what I'm sharing and with whom. I have always been a very open person, but lately it's been catching up with me.

If my friends mainly learn about the state of my life through things I've posted online, that doesn't seem right. Out of respect for them, I want to keep some news for certain ears only.

But I'll be back, with new photo shoots and big plans to show and tell.

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