22 June 2008

simple pleasures

Soaking in all the great sensations of last night was easy: the feeling of a warm summer breeze, the smell of cotton candy being spun, and the sounds of great up-and-coming music.

I looked around at my surroundings, clapping in appreciation for the songs, and thought of a day about 6 (!) years ago where I felt very similar. It was my first week at Western, during orientation week. Standing in a huge crowd of people, feeling overwhelmed by stimuli, and beginning a new life in a very different place. All of the rituals and traditions that come along with joining a new community.

Now that my academic career is coming to an end (at least for now), I am starting to think about the shape my life will take in this city. One of my main goals in getting more involved in the arts community here — and the past few days have certainly felt like an initiation of sorts.

The Fringe Festival, as I mentioned in my last post, coincides with several other happenings, so the whole Plateau Mont Royal is busting at the seams with people. However, in spite of all the mad sales going on, and the dozens of bars offering bottle service on makeshift patios, my favourite activities were far more simple. The best moments were spent sipping two dollar beers (or in my case a dulche de leche popsicle), watching the orange moon rise over the boulevard, having potluck brunch at the lovely Skye's pad, and listening to Brian, Mark and Sheena rock out on the main stage at the festival.

These are the days that even money, jewels, or an unlimited supply of dark chocolate streaming in a man-made river through my imaginary mansion could not make better.


Jess said...

Let's talk about that chocolate river. I have some ideas.

brian said...

can the chocolate river have bbq ribs floating on top?