03 August 2008

a new home

Moved in, and no internet on my own computer, so therefore no pictures to show for it, though I have taken too many. The first thing I did was carefully put together my 3-tiered dessert tower, and then artfully arranged my cookbook collection on the shelves of my butcher's block. Priorities!

This place is really fantastic, and there's an air about it that hints it will play host to many a wonderful day and night. I have never been so excited about a place before. There are even other musicians in the building from what I can hear, which makes me less self-conscious about my constant singing and likelihood of band practices.

Tonight, I am curled up in the study (!) with a half of a Crunchie bar, while reading the age-inappropriate Breaking Dawn. Yesterday I raced a thunderstorm to get my copy. I then had a perfectly legitimate excuse to start chapter one over an iced coffee while I waited out the rain.

Looking around me, wondering about everything that will come of the decision to stay here in Montreal for at least a while longer, and to move here specifically, I feel calm, and very content.


Tara said...

Just bought Twilight!
I hope it's as good as everyone's been saying.
Congrats on the new place!
Justins in Montreal right now for the next few days.

Jenn said...

Oooh Congratulations Dal! Sounds like you found the perfect place. I can't wait to see it (in person of course).