27 August 2008

a relevant snippet

From Chapter Two:Blogalization

...The online environment, with its inherent sense of detachment, has a disinhibiting effect on people. According to Flora, “electronic disclosure eliminates the normal self-censorship mechanisms that have evolved over human history” (Ibid 85). At a deeper level, the diary type blog allows an individual to celebrate and broadcast his or her individual adventures, and even their more banal aspects of daily life.

This process of sharing turns an ordinary person’s life into a published story, and allows the individual to feel like “something more than an anonymous drone in a technological and impersonal world” (Flora 85). By reading others’ public diaries, bloggers can reflect on the subjects at hand, and learn more about themselves in the process. If not always objective or truthful, public diary blogs represent what Blood terms “an unprecedented opportunity for individual expression on a worldwide scale” (Blood).

What is more, for all his criticism of blogs, even Keren admits that studying blogs is a critical step in the rethinking of the public/private divide, that was “traditionally affected by an abstract notion of the individual, and lack of means to penetrate his or her private sphere or lack of incentive to do so because it was considered irrelevant” (Keren 11). A critical look at blogs and blogging practice brings a discussion of the individual into the realm of public discourse...

Tomorrow I defend my thesis.

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