01 September 2008

denial and bliss

Today, being a national holiday, was the last guilt-free day. Tomorrow I begin my new lifestyle of being unemployed that will entail watching The View (oh wait, we no longer have cable, okay So Chic with Stephen and Chris on the CBC) while spilling tea and cookie crumbs on my all-day pajamas as I curse in turn at all the hosts.

And after the bleakness of that lifestyle for one day, I will be motivated enough to actually start the next phase of my life.

Two summers ago, my grandma told my mom that I had told her I planned to work at McDonald's for the summer to "learn the value of an education," when I actually told her I was going to Europe. My grandma is in no way senile, but rather infamous for her interesting way of relaying stories (read: completely making things up). My mom told my grandma she was pretty sure I understood the value, considering I had just graduated from Western, and was heading to grad school.

But maybe grandma was on to something. Maybe I could use a wake-up call. On the other hand, I am pretty aware of the importance of my french education, as McDonald's might just be the only place I could work without "bilingual" written on my CV. If I'm not bilingual, my master's don't mean a thing in this city.

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