14 September 2008

marché et terrace

The last week, I have been knee-deep in Français, with classes half a day and Radio Canada in the background of my daily chores. It's already gotten to the point where my English sentence structures are becoming warped and Yoda-esque as my brain slowly fills up with French grammar and vocabulary.

As of tomorrow, I start an internship at a montreal-based, national magazine, which I am thrilled about. And, in addition to that, I am getting back into the job search, which had been on hold for the last little while during our roughly 2 1/2 weeks of house guests, a visit to Toronto, and finishing my program. It is now back into full swing.

Best of all, with no homework looming, my evenings are now my own — guilt free — which means enjoying drinks on patios before godforsaken winter, hitting the farmer's markets just in time for the harvest (to try out all the new recipes I've been swapping with the Mexican and Ukrainian girls in my French class), and sitting out on my front balcony over the street. This new (albeit temporary) lifestyle, it ain't so bad.

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Jenn said...

yay French classes and yay internship! I'm happy you're happy.