29 October 2008


PhotobucketDespite being an intern, and therefore the lowest on the totem pool, I still get pretty cool opportunities at my internship. Yesterday, for example, I got to interview and do a photo shoot with Justice. Full story and photos to come when the issue is released in December.


Kate said...

i frigging love justice! holy job perk!

Dallas said...

Me too! My favourite quote from them was when I asked what their biggest luxury is since hitting it big.

(in a thick parisian accent) "probably laziness."

But I am so jealous/fascinated by the mysterious perfume launches you get to go to. They sound so creepy and intriguing. And p.s., that Sephora kit you gave me is so amazing!

Jenn said...

Ahhhh I love this picture, and am also swimming in jealousy! I want to hear all about the interview... phone date soon! xo