22 March 2009

a facelift of sorts


As photography is a huge part of this blog, I decided to adjust the layout to be more image-friendly. Please bear with me as I may still tweak a few things over the next while. Hope you like the new, larger image size!


Tara said...

Hey Ashley,

How were you able to make your images larger on your page?
Something to do with the html Im sure.

Dallas said...

It's pretty simple. Just do a search for widening your specific template. Mine, for example is "minima." It's very basic html, and the tutorials you can find make it very easy for you. It basically involves widening your outer wrapper, header, header wrapper, main, and footer by however many pixels you want. I widened my whole layout by about 200 pixels overall.

Here's an example of the tutorial I used:

As for the images, I like mine to line up perfectly with the edges of my design, so I resize them in photoshop to be exactly 610 pixels wide (the width of my "main" section). Hosting them on photobucket increases the loading time of your page, but for me it's worth it to be able to get the exact size I want.

Hope that helps!