31 March 2009

the light with the dark

PhotobucketI am attempting my best tap dance on an unsteady floor. Just as things get comfortable and start to feel easy, other things start being difficult, and scary.

This city is shrinking. Last weekend we came across a woman passed out on broken glass in between the curb and a car. She was being sick (on herself, me, and the tiny space she was wedged into), but was okay as anyone can be in such a situation. She was coherent when the paramedics arrived. I went home feeling shaken by this darkly intimate moment with a stranger. I knew I would never see her again, and wondered about who she is. The next day I found out we're only separated by about 2 degrees. Now I hope if/when I see her next that things are going better for her.

But the world is growing smaller in other ways too. Other strangers turn out to be friends of friends, and local entrepreneurs I've admired are becoming my creative collaborators. The newest project I'm working on is still in its early stages, but it involves a collective of independent business people and weddings. More to come as things grow.

And piece by piece, connection by connection, a real "adult" life (where I think about grown-up things like "taxes" and "networking")is starting to come together.

There's a fair share of darkness, mostly consisting of bouts of self-doubt and worrying about what's next, but the days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to show itself again.

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