20 April 2009

rainy day tunes

I just walked home in the cold rain, in a skirt and uncomfortable tights. My hair is clinging to my face and I am chilled to the bone. I am both spent and overstimulated. I work during the days, and then I work on other stuff from the moment work ends until my bedtime in the wee hours. It's exhausting, but I hear this is how you "make it."

After work I took the bus to a café. I drank huge mugs of tea while typing, over the din of old men yelling at each other in Portuguese. Then I showed up at the restaurant for this week's meeting. Like the insanely welcoming, mothering woman she is, B served us burgers with every gourmet fixing you could imagine. Neighbours stopped by to join the meal, sharing stories and our big bottle of rosemary lemonade.

We brainstormed and planned, while a group of older men played amazing jigs and reels for their weekly Irish jam. B is the kind of woman who magnetically attracts creative souls, so it's no surprise that even when the restaurant is closed, it is still full of people.

And yes, it was surreal, conversing over enthusiastic Celtic tunes. It gave the night a dreamlike quality. So when I walked home close to midnight after a long, long day, I was okay with the miserable weather. My boots clicked on the pavement with a purposeful rhythm, as if I were marching to the last strains Irish tunes that streamed out the door after me. I am tired, but I'm walking with purpose. I'm on a mission.


Angela said...

Well said Dallas, you've left me inspired!

eric said...

With writing like this, you've already 'made it.' Thank you!

Jess said...

Dallas, you're so awesome. Give'r!

Leslie said...

fantastic post, I was right there with you!

Jenn said...

Well Eric already left half my comment - but it's true, you have already 'made it.' But, the fact that you will incessantly measure yourself against a never ending quest for success makes you so special. Just don't tire yourself out along the way.