05 May 2009

on bodies

on bodies On Bodies, a band consisting of Mark, Sheena and Brian (my dear friends and boyfriend) recently finished recording its EP. The launch is happening a month from today, but I am too excited to wait until then to tell you about them.

A snippet from their bio:

On Bodies’ anatomy consists of a melodious torso with three separate, distinct heads: Mark Ambrose Harris, whose deep dramatic baritone serenades an introspective set of keys; Sheena Hoszko, whose raw soaring vocals blend beautifully with the distorted lines of her bass; and Brian Fauteux, who knits it all together on the drums, providing an unbreakable backbone for the band’s sweeping compositions...

If this piques your interest, go check out their Myspace, Facebook fan page, or CBC Radio 3 page.

And, if they eventually post their song "Ballad for an Old man," you might just hear me busting out some opera in the background. I feel lucky to have even been a tiny part of this fantastic album.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tip; Nice sound.