16 September 2009



Named by her super cool big sister after Fiona Apple, his amazing 11-year-old is one of my favourite people. While kid-sitting her last week, I had such a great time. I taught her how to use conditioner and she caught me up with what "the kids" are into these days. Let's just say I was well-versed in Taylor Swift's prowess, and, unlike that idiot Kanye, knew her win was justified.

Fiona is a super smart girl who speaks 3 languages, rocks out on guitar better than most twenty-somethings I know, and talks to kids, adults, and animals with the same self-assured tone. I find her really inspiring!




Dustjacket Attic said...

I adore these photo's, there is something about her that comes through. She's sounds like an old soul, so clever!

I'm still looking at the colours in that last shot, fantastic.

Jess said...

Wow, Dallas, I LOVE that last photo. Amazing!

Leslie said...

your captured her beauty in all three. Love them