17 November 2009

cusp of winter beauty picks

Alright folks, the air is starting to get dry just as our social calendars are starting to fill up for the seasons. 'Tis the season to slough off the dead skin, breathe some life into our dry hair, and put some rouge on our cheeks. I've been doing all sorts of testing (and online trolling) to bring you my beauty picks to whip you into tip top condition.

First up, Satin Sugar by Cake Beauty. If you're like me, cold weather and busy days see you waiting a little longer between hair washes. This sweetly scented powder (for both light and dark shades) soaks up oil, and leaves hair clean and fluffy. Toss it in your purse for a post-work touch up to your bangs before heading out.

On the subject of hair, I've been using this amazing Lush bestseller, BIG shampoo. It smells incredible, and it pumps an amazing amount of volume into your locks.

This amazing Ultimate Blockbuster palette by Sephora is fantastic. I was lucky enough to receive one from my friend Kate last year, and I have used the awesome array of colours for my own daily beauty routine, as well as for countless photo shoots. I tend to be skeptical about the quality of cosmetics in large sets, but all of the products in this set perform really well. At under $50, it's an amazing deal that will give you a lot of mileage.

More beauty picks to come soon.


Jess said...

Awesome tips - thanks for these! I'm going to try the Satin Sugar! I've been trying to wait as long as I can between washes and it's been hard to keep up, especially now that I have bangs.

Amanda DiPaq said...

Hi Dallas!
Great beauty tips! I've been coming back to your blog for years now. We met a while back. I was a first year MIT frosh at Western and you were a soph. I'm not sure if you'd remember me- the only thing that could jog your memory is I have really crazy curly hair! haha I'm done at Western and in a post-grad program for PR. Anyways, ive enjoyed reading your stuff and I just started my own blog this year I know I enjoy receiving comments so I thought I'd finally give you some! :) Anyways, keep up the great work!