05 November 2009



Have you ever tried a macaron? They're feathery light cookies: satiny smooth and crispy on the outside, moist and chewy within, with a hint of smooth filling in the centre. They come in a spectrum of pastel shades, and an amazing array of flavour combinations.

Until living in Montreal, I'd never had the chance to feast on one of these cookie gems.Here, you can spot them basking in bakery windows, in all their pastel-coloured glory. Once the aroma of vanilla and toasted almonds wafts out the bakery door reaches out to you, you'll be following your nose to where food ectasy marks the spot.

The first time I tasted them, it was at Boutique Point G on Avenue Mont Royal. I had been marveling at a model of the Eiffel tower that has been formed out of their smooth surfaces. Macarons. Delicious, decadent, and delicate.

I walked into the patisserie-café under the premise of taking a closer look at the presumably tasty, brightly coloured tower, and was greeted by the head pastry chef himself. “Did you see the tower?” he asks. I nod, while staring at the glass case that displays Point G's macarons like jewels.

"It is made of our newest flavours: coconut with salted caramel, pistachio, and crème brulée.”

Within 30 seconds I was back out on the street again, now clutching a paper bag of the aforementioned cookies. I gingerly lifted one out of the bag and took a bite. Right inside crunchy outermost shell, the airy centre is gently scented with coconut, and sandwiched in between the two layers is an amazing caramel coulis that achieves the perfect balance of salt and sugar.

Sweet, sugary bliss.

So again, have you tried macarons? If so, what flavours have you tasted?

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Leslie said...

These look fabulous! I can almost taste them from your description.