21 December 2009

window shopping


As the city empties of students, business people, and everyone else who's already left on holidays (including my boyfriend), I'm camping out with my Christmas tree and counting down the hours until I head home.

I'd like to say the seasonal flow of mulled wine and mimosas is keeping me afloat, but I keep encountering things that are detracting from the old holiday cheer.

1. Man behind me in line, yelling into cell phone to daughter:

"What the hell is the Jonas game?... A game? A religious board game?...How the hell do you want something for Christmas when you don't know what it is? Jonas WHAT? Are you stupid or something? I am not getting you a gift that you can't even describe to me accurately. Call all your friends who are all getting this too, find out what you actually want, and call me back when you know what you're talking about. (hangs up). Kids!"

2. When did" gift" become a verb? For some reason, phrases like "love these giftable goodies," "remember us when you're looking for gifting ideas," and "the best thing you've ever gifted" make me want to smash whatever trite trinkets are being horribly peddled in this sub-par ad copy. What happened to "give, gave and given a gift?" I blame the concept of "gifting suites" wherein celebrities en route to award shows are bestowed with gifts in a schmaltzy pit stop.

3. My own lack of creativity in terms of gifts this year. Any ideas? Help!


Erin said...

I am totally guilty of saying things like "I am going to make cookies and gift them to everyone I see." And for that I apologize, haha.

But your first point? Arrrrrgghhhh. Rage. For so many reasons, haha. RAGE.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Love the picture...I think that man on the phone to his daughter shouldn't be a dad! Horrendous person.