11 January 2011

love story | chris & thom

After talking for hours, neither of them was ready to go home. So, instead of saying goodbye after what had been an amazing first date, they picked up a few snacks, and walked to a nearby park.

It was in there that Chris and Thom stayed up all night, sharing tea and pie, laughing at the different characters who wandered by, asking each other a million questions. They sat cross-legged in the tube of the playground and talked until the sun was just about to rise.

They've been together ever since.

Thom lives here in Montreal, and Chris is doing his PhD in Philadelphia, but the long phone calls, emails, and texts that characterize a long-distance relationship are precious to them, and only make their connection stronger.

Chris contacted me with the sweetest birthday gift idea for Thom: he asked me if I would take photos of the place where they fell for each other. I was so honoured to be asked. How amazing to document a place that special to two people.

With Chris' help, I tried to capture their park as it must have looked that night, and convey that dreamy tunnel vision and obliviousness to fatigue that fresh love brings.

Chris, thank you for sharing this memory with me, and for allowing me to help re-create it for Thom. Also, thanks for the coffee; it was damn cold that night!

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