31 May 2005


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At the risk of making him blush, (or dropkick me in one of his ninja-esque moods)I would like to go out on a limb here and talk about a guy.

Now, I have years and years of journals in which I've archived my trials and tribulations in the romantic realm. Usually, I write with an offhand, half-involved tone. I used to jot down the events of the day...if they happened to include a boy then I mentioned it. And usually, (he says I always say "usually") I speak to my friends about relationships with a very laissez-faire "why not" or "couldn't hurt" philosophy. And...those of you who have known me through my misadventures and poor luck may know that at one time I acquired myself the nickname Siren. This was/is by no means a name or reputation I would choose, nor one that--in all fairness and circumstance--I believe I earned. But nothing had truly sparked my interest until this point. I hadn't yet realized the possibilities that can arise when you find a true connection with someone

Enough preamble, I suppose. It has been nearly 5 months of "relationship" and more than 3 years of friendship. Short and sweet thus far? Yes....but with so much built in, squeezed in to this admittedly short period of time. We have shared everything from homework to late-night Wendy's, gone on long drives, short walks, early-morning jogs, drunken dance floors. You get the point.

I am writing because I want to share him. There are a lot of things about Brian that aren't immediately apparent. And that, for me, is one of the best parts. Getting to know him since first year has been a process. At the beginning I had to ask him a million questions just to hear one-word answers. Now, he is a wealth of humour, creativity, intelligence, warmth and charisma. Every time I see him I learn more and love him more. In this case, putting love on a computer screen is not cheap and I don't believe it loses its aura. The more you share, the more it multiplies, I swear.

I am also writing because I miss him, and because I soon have to leave him for a few months. So expect him to be a mainstay here, cause I will need any kind of connection. Either way...those of you who know him, know that he is a musical encyclopedia and a superb drummer. I know that he loves dinosaurs and is nice to his dog...and respects his mom. Brian is nothing that can be expressed here in any way that would do him justice. For now, it's enough just to talk a bit about him.

My lion.

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Gillian Edworthy said...

Dallas, all I can say is that I'm so happy for you. I think you have finally meet your true match, and someone with as much spirit as you do.
You guys will get through the hard times of being apart... because if anything absence makes the heart grown fonder.
Your a lucky girl! and he is just as luck to have you.
Cheers :)

dallas said...

thank you, gill :) I'm going to miss you too cause I already do!

invitationinside said...

dallas, you are too cute. you two are so adorable together and i love it!!! you deserve this! live it and love it. -miss ya sawatsky

ETC'd said...

i miss musical theatre class chats...

this post reminded me of them....

love you dallas

dallas said...

Oh man, I was ridiculous, eh? I have to link you anni! Your blog was down last week when i was doing my links so i was confused...but i'll take care of that soon.

syl said...

dallas! my mit mentor ;) hehe.
im so happy for you. thats an incredible relationship u have! i wish you all the best, you deserve it

ill miss you but when u get back MIT 2k5 is gonna be ready for your return!!!

Claudia said...

Wow, Dallas! I got here from Syl's blog. I am in awe of your ability to put thoughts and feelings into words. So amazing... I cannot even imagine being able to express myself so well.
Have a fabulous experience in Africa :)