06 June 2005


How can you know what to pack when you don't even know what your life will be like in another country? Let alone a country with completely different A)climate B) culture C)dress code and D)lifestyle?

So far, here's what I've got:

Clothing: very conservative and lightweight, cotton or dryfit everything. Khakis and capris, no short sleeves or tank tops, no short skirts or shorts. Long socks to keep the mosquitos off my legs. A few ugly, long skirts I picked up from VV for meetings with Kivulini Women's org and going out for dinner. Lightweight cotton or silk stuff to wear to bed.

Toiletries: The basics, but all my North American favourites, as apparently it's more difficult to find "mzungu" (white person) products in Mwanza. Baby powder to keep my skin dry, lots of moisturiser, deodorant, mild soap and maybe even a razor. I haven't decided if I'm taking any makeup yet, but I definitely won't need a blowdrier.

Meds: Lots of strange innoculations in my bloodstream, 3 months worth of malaria pills, anti-biotics, polysporin, calamine lotion, afterbite, deet,digestive aids, oregano oil, glutamine, garlic tablets (the last 3 were reccommended by my health-conscious brother and a guy with a ponytail at the health food store).

Entertainment: Pictures of family, loved one and friends, journal, sketchbook, CDs, DVDs, art supplies, notes and cards and gifts from home, camera, a million rolls of film, tin whistle, books, magazines, discman.

Other: Canadian pins, flags etc to give as gifts, water filter and purification system, gifts for various people there, materials for the Buswelu school children, computer, mosquito netting.

Ok I'll stop here...too much to think about. Where to even start?


b said...

just watch The Lion King a couple of times. It'll answer all your questions and show ya what you need to pack.

There's even a song about it. "Be prepared" - scar.

eano said...

watch lion king like b said and on top of that take a drive through the orono jungle cat world so you know what your up against.

aussiedave said...

i'm looking for people to go to african lion safari with, i'm guessing you're not interested