23 June 2005


I can't eat the eyeballs...I just can't do it.

Tilapia is a delicious fish that is very plentiful in Lake Victoria. You can order it at almost any restaurant and it comes baked in a tomato and herb sauce. It arrives at your table in its full form with a facial expression that seems to be frozen in a "what the...?" expression. The eyes are orange and people here love to eat them (they also eat the brain but I won't even start on that). I have to turn away while my companions lick their lips and devour the gooey retinas...

Sorry for that but I still find it really gross. Today I saw five chickens bound together by the feet. They couldn't go anywhere though, since they were all facing different directions. Then I accidentally walked by a "bathing place" and turned away hurriedly when I realized it was full of nude people looking back at me angrily. Ah, the risks of exploration.

I also went to a cool market, one with lots of twists and turns. Pretty much all of the merchandise is used: clothing, furniture and shoes. But everything is brought back to life by the skilled hands of the merchants. In the morning if you walk by, there will be a pile of dirty, ragged and scuffed shoes that have walked their last mile. By afternoon they have been buffed and polished and look brand new. It's quite amazing how much more use people make of things when they don't have much to work with.

I guess that goes for eating every last bite of the fish too. hmm


Pranay said...

You dont know what you are missing, eyeballs are delicious. seen any hippos or zebras yet?

eano said...

how amazing is your life right now...i mean seriously...laid back comments about the pros and cons of the tanzanian day life is just absolutely awe inspiring.

dash you ma african superstar

dallas said...

I will never give in to the eyes! As for this's quite weird how i'm already getting used to the surroundings and the vibe of the city. pretty cool...but no, no hippos or zebras yet my friend.