09 June 2005


my widening blogosphere is beginning to make me humble.

God, there is so much to see. I want to read everything, talk to everyone and learn about their live. It's seductive, isn't it? If you have a traveller's heart, all of a sudden you are within reach of worlds upon worlds that have lived parallel to you and yet you never knew of them. But still, you can't reach out and touch least not yet.

At the same time its nice to get closer and closer with your inner circles.

Oh good god I am going to Africa tomorrow. Can you believe it, because I still can't.

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Things I will absolutely miss about Ontario:- f2f contact with the people I love, and even the ones I just like. I have a feeling that on lonely nights, sketchy characters that may have irritated me will be remembered as vivacious conversationalists.
-cool evenings. Nothing better than sliding into sheets and blankets to escape the coller breezes.
- Chocolate. I'm not sure what the situation is with sweet stuff over there, but it's can't beat baker's dark chocolate squares. Mangoes it is! (note: try sliced mango on a grilled chicken sandwich. I had it on a "mulan" sandwich in Montreal and I almost died from joy. Brian had the "che guevara"))
- boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead of picking out live ones with feathers...and yes, large talons.
-English as the first language. Man, I've been trying to learn but it's hard to from a book alone.
-non-malaria carrying mosquitos

I'll end it there for now or I'll get all choked up. The next time I write it will be from an archaic dial-up connection in the blistering heat I presume.

My flight Pattern = Toronto>Amsterdam>Nairobi,Kenya>Mwanza,Tanzania

Til then :)


Gillian Edworthy said...

Happy Travels Dal - hopefully you get a few good movies to pass the time!
Soak up every minute of this experience - I can't wait to hear about it.
Cheers - Gill

invitationinside said...

Good luck dallas, im sure it will be a breathtaking, incredible experience...don't stress about what you will can come back to it soon
love mel

alex said...

have a good trip dallas! as overwhelming and intimidating leaving is, it's the not-knowing that makes it so scary. once you get there, and get settled in, you'll wonder what ever seemed so daunting.

i'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures, and i know you'll have such an excellent time!

and just think, upon your return, o-week will be here! woo hoo!

good luck,

Anonymous said...

good luck! i'll be interested in updates from overseas.


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