31 July 2005

the REAL African lion safari

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Sunrise over the Serengeti

This was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life. Driving through the enormous park, its expanse of wheat gold, was a truly spiritual experience. As the wind blew over my skin, the scenery raced by. I never knew what animal I would be lucky enough to see next. I saw more than I could have dreamed of...words, at least right now, cannot describe the experience. Instead, I will just show you a bit of what I saw. I have hundreds more, so when I get home I will be more than happy to tell you the story of each encounter. For now:

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a family of baboons

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suspention bridge over a river of hippos and crocs

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speaking of hippos...

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wide open spaces

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in the centre of the park

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little monkeys

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my new friend

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marabou storks

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it's a masai blanket!

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masai giraffe

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and babies

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part of the famous wildebeast migration

Yes, we camped in the middle of the Serengeti. I slept alone in the back of my friend Jenny's truck, curled up next to a cooler. I felt quite safe, to be honest...despite the frightening signs.

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our campsite

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it was very safe and cozy

The sky was initially cloudy, but as evening set in, the layer of clouds dissapated to reveal an astouding display of stars. The five of us lay back on masai blankets, had some red wine and recounted favourite childhood animal stories. I breathed in deeply, looked up into the night and made a few wishes. I felt peaceful in what seemed to be the very heart of Tanzania, of Africa even.

And now, for the grand finale...

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young male resting in the shade

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the morning hunt

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going for a gazelle


Leslie said...

Spectacular!! I am thrilled that you made it to the Serengeti

invitationinside said...

wow...absolutely incredible dallas, those pictures are amazing. i am so happy for you ..
miss ya mel

b said...

alright, you can come home now, hahaha.

awesome awesome. cant wait to hear more about it

Gillian Edworthy said...

all i can say is i'm so amazed! the pictures are awesome - totally incredible
can't wait to see yah! only a month until the beginning of the end! - crazy four years have already gone by... wow tangent...

dallas said...

man, these pics don't even do it justice. The serengeti is huge! we drove for 6 hours and then only reached the middle of the park.
Gill, don't make me sad's the beginning of the beginning, that's all!

eano said...

i saw three squirels and caught a trout this that jungle lady.

do you think you could get a baby giraffe through customs for me? Ill give you 20 dollars.

ching ching.

syl said...

wow, i can't believe the things you are seeing, it's as if you are in the middle of Disney's Lion King (an epic film).

i. jealous.

Paige said...

Baby giraffes have to be the cutest things ever. I am horrified to know people hunt them... what could you possibly need of a cute giraffe!?

Hippos are also incredible!

Anonymous said...

awsome pics...mel sent me your link, good job not getting attacked, the sign of a successful Serengeti trip!