04 August 2005

crack of sunlight

that's where i've been lying for the past few days: in my room with the blinds shut save for one strip of light. I lie right in that line of sunshine and try to soak in the vitamin D.

I have malaria. Yes, I know you all thought it was inevitable...but I was convinced I could resist it. It is a horrible illness, let me tell you. I hope no one I cares about ever has to encounter a mean mosquito like I have.

Anyways, I have not been alone in my convalescence. Alas, my loyal friend Harry Potter kept me company in these dark hours. Unfortunately that means I have finished the book in two days. Damn. Children's literary fiction/fantasy is ideal reading for malaria victims. The surreal circumstances and winding prose just go so well with a fever. I feel like I ventured into a world even more exotic and far away than Tanzania. It helped me to forget about this illness a bit. Necessary escapism, you might call it.

I'll be better soon and write even sooner


Gillian Edworthy said...

Feel better Dal... I send you a big hug to make you recover as fast as possible!
cheers dudette

invitationinside said...

get better dallas!!!!!!

Mark P said...

Malaria = Malfoy? Coincidence? I THINK NOT

Get well soon, Dallas!

Pranay said...

sounds delicious

but hey, think of it this way you now have a story for the rest of your life, how many of your other friends got a third world disease and lived to tell about it.

Bethany said...

Hey Dallas, I just want to say I think you're great and I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you get better soon. You inspire me beyond belief....

Paige said...

If I had a fever while I read the end of Harry Potter I think it would have pushed my reaction to the last scene off the charts.

I mean, I already went into a crying jag due to reading under the influence of half a bottle of red.. a fever would have made me fully lose it.

I hope you are already feeling better hun! xoxo

eano said...

malaria...sweet jesus....add that to the bank of things most canadians will never face but yet dallas has impressively conquered enough to write about.

malaria....yesterday i had hayfever....that kinda sucked.

dallas said...

hey everyone,
I don't have time for a post yet but I just wanted to let you all know that I've fully recovered and am now exploring the beaches and labryinthine city of Stone Town in Zanzibar. Google image it, it is incredible here!

b said...

Stone Town?
I'm pretty sure I beat that level in Zelda.

Pretty sure.

Annnnd, I'm not googling anything. I can wait to see your pics instead.

Francisco said...

Hey Dallas,

I'm really enjoying your blog! It gives me something to do while i'm in my own little (concrete) jungle.

Take care of yourself, so you're good & ready for the bloc party concert when you get back!

Shoot, that reminds me, I should go pick those up!