13 August 2005

a whirlwind trip


This is just an extremely brief update to prove that I have not dropped off the face off the earth. I am in Zanzibar "the spice island" until tomorrow. I'll be back in Mwanza on Sunday night and will be uploading the hundreds of pics I've taken so far. I have a LOT to say about this trip so stay tuned. Hope you are all well :)

P.s. I'm home in less than 3 weeks and time is flying.


Mark P said...

Good to see you back up and about after the malaria.

Anonymous said...

hey dallas... pz gave me your link - looks like you've had an amazing trip - i'm so jealous!
take care - glad to see you have kicked that malaria

My Life said...

god, you're so lucky being able to do what you have done this summer. I envy you so much.

eano said...

dashley i talked about your site on mine the other day, you better get those pics up soon, or the world will think im a liar if the visitors dont know how to scroll down

Anonymous said...

hey dallas, i've been behind on reading your tales and out of the country myself, but i'm catching up! Hope you get over the malaria soon and sounds like you're having a ridiculously incredible time.

Your Rafiki,

Matthew J. Larkin