23 November 2005

belated, but still

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On November 19th, Jennifer Lynn Harding Wilhelm turned 21 years old. She's one of the brightest, most serious, kind, funny (in her own way) and loyal people I have ever met. She's been busy this year: working at the library, playing in the marching band, and locking herself away with her laptop, slaving over one history paper or another. As I write this she's messaging me hfrom the library while on her laptop. Do I know that girl or what? Happy birtday, Wee. I'm as proud as a mother on the first day of kindergarten.
* * *
In other news, it's gorgeous outside. I also like how Western cheaped out and only half-wrapped their x-mas trees. Oh yeah, and it's almost December. My mom reminded me of that when she asked me what I want for christmas. My answer: socks, and lots of them.

Today Matt Larkin made a cameo in my speech about why students should participate in musical theatre. He was the "heterosexual male who broke the theatre stereotype". I applaud him for his nerve to burst into a strange classroom singing "If I were a rich man" at the top of his lungs.

I can't donate blood anymore, since I had good old malaria.

Now I gotta call my Grandma, cause it's her birthday :)


Pranay said...

oh Jennie, what a nerd

Matthew J. Larkin said...

Yes, Jennie is a nerd indeed. But I love that nerd.

In other news, I have no shame...

eano said...

Happy bday jennie via dallas' medium.. i will now go and post a more personal happy bday on jennys own blog land.

dallas, i love you. bryan i love too, i wish i could break you two up and date you both secretly. what a triangle and dramatic set of events that would ignite.